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My work is most always inspired by nature. It is there that I feel most at peace and at home. I have spent my life marvelling at its profound beauty. Whether hiking through a mountain pass or swimming in a cool lake on a hot day. I paint to capture the light dancing on the water, the shades of reds and greens as light filters through the trees, or on a rock covered in moss, the vast spectrum of colour. I observe my surroundings and their fine details ..and wonder-can we preserve this diversity and can we learn to live in harmony with it? To harness it while honouring it at the same time..and understand it is the only thing…and that we are it. The connection is paramount, and I paint what I love…and what moves me. The greater mystery of life on this earth and our interconnectedness with it. It is a way of showing my gratitude. I continue daily to study and practice this craft and even then…some greater force is moving me along. 


ADDRESS: 44 Chemin Ojai, Chelsea , Quebec


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