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I love making pots for peoples homes that bring beauty to daily activities.  In a world that is trying to reconnect to objects, pottery is a great bridge between the maker and the consumer.  A well made and beautiful pot can remind it’s user that each moment is sacred and raise the mundane into a celebration.  


As a potter, I am very conscious of the intimate relationship a pot has with the user:  The cradling of a bowl in a hand while eating soup, the intertwining of fingers and handles, the feel of lips against the rim of a mug.  These small pleasures can ripple through our day in subtle waves of delight.


I love the process of throwing on the wheel and then the cathartic step of trimming a piece to articulate its shape.  I use slips and underglazes to add a carved surface where I explore contrast and design. I wax resist the carved surfaces of the pot to allow for the vibrant matt tones of the slips to contrast with the glossy glazed section.  I fire my pots in an electric kiln to cone 6, often with my fingers and toes crossed, and I am always offered a surprise upon opening the kiln.


ADDRESS: 4 ch Campagna, CHELSEA QC