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My name is Anna Ferrabee, creator of Anna Bean Jewelry. I get great pleasure creating my jewelry. It starts near my cabin, just outside Wakefield, Quebec, where I scavenge for leaves, flowers and seeds that display characteristics that resonate with me. I cover these beautiful natural items with sterling silver in the form of metal clay and then fire them twice at very high heat. At the end of this process, only the silver remains, leaving a unique piece of jewelry. 


I particularly enjoy creating commissioned pieces. I have made pendants, earrings and cufflinks from bridal bouquets as gifts to the bride and groom and as thank you gifts to the bridal party. I have also made jewelry for members of families using items from a place of special meaning such as acorns from a cottage property or leaves from a memorial tree. 


Although the process of my jewelry making is time consuming and involved, I find it relaxing. The focus that it requires lulls me into a state of calm. Designing and creating my jewelry is satisfying and rewarding work that results in a beautiful product that people admire, love and treasure. 


ADDRESS: 44 Chemin Ojai, Chelsea, Quebec


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