Each of my paintings is a sacred space, a subtle reminder on the wall, of the sense of renewal, peace, and strength that I receive from being out in nature.  


For me painting is an endlessly captivating, detailed investigation into the heart and mystery of light and nature, offering insights into our veiled inner landscape.


Take a moment and breathe in some natural beauty, allow yourself to expand your energy to occupy a new vast space, out there and inside at the same time.  

What comes up?  What is there?  Who is there?


Being in the presence of nature allows your soul to unlock its heart, expanding beyond the habitual thoughts about reality, beyond the busyness of living.


Human qualities and experiences are reflected in the themes nature presents us; a sense of personal power, journeying, transforming perceptions, the light of our awareness, wholeness, unity and balance, even in the face of challenge or turmoil.


Our inner beauty simply recognizes itself in the beauty of nature.


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