10 am - 5 pm
September 28-29 & October 5-6, 2019

Stella Pagani

Mixed media

Stella is a Graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario receiving a BFA double major in Photography and Drawing & Painting in 2010. Stella also received a certificate from George Brown College in the field of Graphic Design in 2007. Since then she has participated in multiple Group and Solo shows throughout her career.

Stella’s mixed-media work often focuses on travel and personal/found objects. Their relation to memories invokes evolution of character and soul between the past and present. Often awakening feelings of nostalgia, her paintings incorporate a blurred overtone, text, photo, collage, and paint. A keen love for the objects and places that she has personally experienced and documented, helps to play out a dream-like sequence of memories, allowing the viewer to get lost in her work.

Address: 903 chemin Riverside, Wakefield, Qc.
Telephone: (416) 629-6504
Email address: thepaintedphotograph@gmail.com

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