"Social Distancing" is an acrylic painting on gallery canvas. The painting is influenced by the early 20th century German Expressionist artist August Macke and is subtitled "I remember August Macke". The painting's theme is influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an urban setting (Ottawa's Byward Market) two characters are walking close together and not social distancing, while another character examines a deer who has wandered into the city. During the pandemic outbreak, when most people were not travelling to work, wild animals started returning into urban environments.The painting has areas with large foliage, representing the abundance and resilience of nature. I have used a limited palette and tonality. Colours are flat, with strong dark contours presenting a graphical and animated effect. This painting was completed in the summer of 2020 has since been gallery exhibited and present in an Autumn regional artist's studio tour. The painting is signed by the artist and identification is also provided on the rear.

"Social Distancing"

  • Acrylic paint on gallery canvas. The edges of the gallery canvas are painted.