10 am - 5 pm
September 28-29 & October 5-6, 2019

Marieka Diepenveen

Mixed Media

Alcohol inks are known to produce very unexpected results. The medium tends to meld and interact with itself, even after your hand has left the canvas. I enjoy that aspect and am fascinated by the ever-evolving vibrant colours, interesting forms and textures that are created in front of my eyes. It’s an exciting and freeing process and forces me to take risks and to constantly experiment. The outcome is usually quite organic looking, which I will either use as a base for an abstract composition or manipulate into a landscape or floral piece.


I like to think of my art as “controlled chaos”. The end result is often a combination of multiple “happy accidents” (thank you Bob Ross) and then building upon them to create a final piece that feels right.

Address: 26 Ch. Hillcrest, Wakefield
Telephone: 819-209-8596
Email address: mariekadiepenveen@gmail.com

Website: mariekadesigns.com
Instagram: @mariekadesigns

Facebook: @mariekadesigns

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