10 am - 5 pm
September 28-29 & October 5-6, 2019

John Shearman


I am primarily a landscape painter. My challenge has always been to distill the complexities of nature into a painting that captures the essence of the scene, without being overwhelmed by the individual elements....whether it be the effects of ripples reaching a rocky shore on the Gatineau river or sunlight breaking through the canopy of a cedar grove in the Park in early spring. 
My paintings are complex. I may start and restart a painting time and again, trying to capture a certain element or feeling.....the tangled vines amongst the Daylilies, or shadows cast by woven branches in shallow water near a beaver dam on Meech Creek.  
Throughout my life I have been an amateur naturalist, and this appreciation of nature is reflected in my paintings. Coming from South Africa I have a particular love of the abundance of the Canadian landscape but most of all the majesty of the forest trees......a theme I come back to time and again. I love, however, the challenge of change and will paint anything that interests me......fishermen digging for bait on an lagoon in the Western Cape in South Africa, dogs running on the beach, late summer on Parliament Hill or a view of the early autumn fields on Crossloop Road. I view each painting as an adventure....some have happy endings and are kept, others are turned face to the studio wall to be resurrected at a later stage or painted over in a new form. 

Address: 92 Chemin Ramsay, Chelsea, QC
Telephone: (819) 827-4450

Cell: (819) 329-6260

Email address: jshearman49@gmail.com
Website: http://johnshearman.com

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