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David Irvine - Photographer


As a photographer, I capture intimate portraits of people, places and events, create the record, and expose the stories of a particular time and place.

My body of work includes the projects: “The Red Chair Portrait Sessions”, which is my homage to late 19th

century portraiture taken through the digital lens; “Do They Exist Between Strangers?” where I question the

local popularity of my studio portraits against a larger, social media-driven audience, and finally, “The

Conference”, which is my series of unofficial, humanist and at times psychological portraits capturing moments of vulnerability, isolation and retreat which are in contrast to the official record of these conventions.

Since 2008 my domestic and international commercial work as a photographer has taken me from

Newfoundland to Vancouver and most places in between. Internationally, I am regularly contracted for work in New York City, San Francisco and the United Kingdom.

My success as a commercial artist allows me to continue on my unique journey, capturing and communicating - in my voyeuristic, photo-documentary style - the stories of our shared humanity.


715 Riverside Drive, Unit 2, Wakefield, QC J0X3G0