10 am - 5 pm
September 28-29 & October 5-6, 2019

Colwyn Griffith

Photography & Video

The earth, solar system and cosmos are all suffused with time. It is deeply woven into our civilizations’ socio-cultural, mythological and economic existence. Today, antiquated and materialist notions of time continue to pervade our culture so deeply that it is barely noted upon or recognized. Words and phrases such as "time-is-money", "squandering", "saving" and "spending" time, are now taken as reality, rendering all other time nearly invisible. Although my work makes use of “clock time,” it also embraces an alternate view of time where it becomes something that is doubled, stretched, pulled and slowed down, allowing the viewer space to think poetically about metaphysical existence. It also opens a window for contemplation about photography, its history, ontology and possibilities.

My ongoing project called Out of Time, presents time as an axis upon which experiences of space, light, love, death, memory and history intersect. While my work is a personal meditation upon external phenomena and internal human experience, it is equally a reflection upon photographic history and knowledge. My interest in the photographic reaches from materially present analogue processes to the so called “dematerialized” nature of the digital.

Address: 9 Chemin des Alouettes, Wakefield

Website: colwyngriffith.com

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