Nous reviendrons à l'automne 2020!

Nos Artistes


Richard Austin

Nick Barna

Lynne Bedbrooke

JF Bertrand

Bhajan Cooke

Marieka Diepenveen

Kate Douglas

Marie-Pierre Drolet

Mary Ellis

Maureen Fehr

Anna Ferrabee

Glen Foster

Rosalie Gingras

Chris Hamilton

Patrycja Maksalon

Erin Morphy

Jamie Munro

Simon Neufeld

John Pagani

Stella Pagani

Alisha Reilly-Roe

John Shearman

Barbra Soyka

Raymond Warren

Derek Wilson 

The Artists in Their Environment Studio Tour is a group of artists and artisans who open their studios to visitors over two weekends at the most colourful time in the Gatineau Hills. The Tour has been in existence for over a quarter century.