Tracy Carefoot

Tracy Carefoot


Address: 39 Summerlea Road, Chelsea, QC
Telephone: (613) 222-0175
Email address:
LinkedIn: Tracy Carefoot


Tracy Carefoot is a Canadian artist who was raised in the Caribbean and South America. Her work is inspired by the natural surroundings of her home in Chelsea, Quebec as well as the folk art and religious iconography she observed in her childhood. Tracy holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from Washington State University. For the last 25 years she has worked professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator and her work has been exhibited in corporate, government, academic and retail environments across Canada.




unnamed (2)

Bloodroot, Canvas, acrylic, quilt batting, aluminum rod, polyfil, tubing, wire
140cm high x 109cm wide x 67cm deep


Bleeding Heart, Canvas, acrylic, polyfil
117cm high x 47cm wide x 15cm deep


Jack-in-the-pulpit, Canvas, acrylic, quilt batting, polyfil, aluminum rod, tubing, wire
113cm high x 100cm wide x 62cm deep


Siberian Scilla, Canvas, acrylic, quilt batting, aluminum rod, polyfil, tubing, wire, pumice gel
144cm high x 76cm wide x 76cm deep

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