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Address:  3 Place Juniper, Chelsea, QC, J9B 1T5
Telephone: 819 827-4885
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Welcome to my world!

Designing and making jewellery is my passion. I have been working as a silversmith for about fifteen years, and I’m thrilled to be on this journey.  In addition to traditional metal working techniques, I have been exploring the realm of metal clay in which particles of metal are contained in a soft and pliable medium.  When fired in a kiln this clay-like substance transforms into a hard and enduring metal. It’s part science and part alchemy!

New tools. New Techniques. New medium!

Have a look at my latest series, Canadian Wildflowers; miniature sculptures and scenes of flowers set in the countryside.   A tribute to Canada 150.  My one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery is an expression of myself and of my love of creating something beautiful with my own two hands!

Irises by the Lake (2)

Irises, sterling silver, 5 x 3 cm

Violets at Sunset (2)

Violets, sterling silver, 24k gold,  5 x 3 cm

Tulips 3x5cm

Tulips, sterling silver, 24k gold,  3 x 5 cm

Silver Coneflower 1.5x5cm

Silver Coneflower, sterling silver, 1.5 x 5 cm

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