Robert Moeller

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Address: 20 chemin de la Gatineau, Wakefield, Qc.
Telephone: (819) 459-2777
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My passion for all things vintage took shape while driving across Canada in an old VW camper. It started simply enough with a stop to explore a recently darkened drive-in theater. Walking around the abandoned site, I yearned to be transported back to my youth gazing up at those giant outdoor screens under starlit night skies. Further along my trip, I spotted an aging neon motel sign beckoning motorists with “Phones” and ” TV”, simpler amenities from decades long ago. By the time I reached the west coast, I was utterly smitten and in the years since, I have sought out and photographed hundreds of drive-ins and vintage signage all over North America.


Drive-Ins at Dusk II, Photography, 18cm x 25cm


Classic Hood Ornaments, Photography, 18cm x 25cm

Rubidoux Drive-In (2)

Rubidoux Drive-in, Photography, 15cm x 15cm

Rideau Bakery (2)

Rideau Bakery, Photography, 15cm x 20cm

Ford V8 (2)

Ford V8, Photography, 26cm x 26cm


Bel-Aire Motel, Photography, 10cm x 20cm

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