Maureen Fehr



Address:  31 Kirk’s Ferry Road, Chelsea, QC
Telephone: 819 431-4435
Email address:

Inspired by movement, changing landscapes and the splendor of the Gatineau River, Maureen Fehr’s handmade fused glass draws inspiration from nature in some way, shape, or form while her fused glass techniques allow for the creation of  stunning interior pieces, plates, bowls and giftware that will enhance, add colour and interest to any room. As Maureen evolves as a glass artist, she is drawn to observe how water, sky and glass share similar qualities. From her studio overlooking the Gatineau River, Maureen is attracted to tints of blues and soft greens that emulate the colour of water. Lately, she has also been incorporating driftwood or other elements found in nature in her pieces. She makes glass art to create beautiful objects and believes having art in the world and in your home adds beauty to everyday living. Maureen so thoroughly believes that art shouldn’t be seen as too precious to use everyday.  Life should be celebrated and art is the perfect way to do it!



Custom fused glass insert for barn door, 4 pieces  20 cm by 20 cm


Mardis Gras fused glass bowl, 25 cm diameter


Custom fused glass panel for private home, 140 cm x 33 cm
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