Marjolijn Thie

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Acrylic Painting
Address: 26 Chemin Pine Ridge, Wakefield, QC
Telephone: (819) 459-3719
Email address:

Studied fine arts in the Netherlands and the School of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg 

I paint nature, figures and flowers as I see them, as I want to see them, as I remember them, as I ‘feel’ them at the moment. I simplify, I add, I balance. I play with colours and shapes.

The long white winters inspire me to paint in bright colours, to make me happy, excited and warm. As nature awakens and explodes in colour, my canvasses become more serene and white.

IMG_4501 (2)

The Blue Mountains, acrylic painting, 90cm x 120cm

IMG_4514 (2)

Reaching, acrylic painting, 75cm x 90cm

IMG_4511 (2)

Raspberry Red Poppy, acrylic painting, 45cm x 60cm

IMG_3569 (2)

Jour brumeux,  acrylic painting, 70cm x 120cm

IMG_3485 (3)Hengstenburg tulip (1280x951)
Voluptuous tulip from the 1600’s,  acrylic painting, 75cm x 100cm
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