Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith


Mixed Media
Address: 189 chemin Wakefield Heights, Wakefield
Telephone: (819) 459-3918
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Art has been central to my life for 40 years. Graduating with a degree in Fine Art, followed by an education degree, teaching art to high school students and adults, as well as making, exhibiting and selling art has been a path which took many turns. Watercolours, acrylics, drawing and now mixed media have been the branches in this road of development and growth. My husband, our three children and I survived the designing and building of our home on the Gatineau River. We love being outdoors. Snowboarding, hiking, biking, sailing and gardening are some activities I enjoy.

Seeking a different artistic challenge and a more exciting process, I now experiment with a layering approach which is both stimulating and difficult as each piece evolves without a preconceived result in mind. The richness of colour and texture is magical. My subject matter evokes memories of the places to which I have traveled. 
This quote has given me inspiration. “Be in awe of yourself as a genius creative force in the universe, having magic in your hands, fashioning a new world that awaits your presence to bring it forward. ’Peter London: 
No More Second Hand Paintings’

Urban Randevous, Techniques mixtes, 32cm x 76cm

The Lacey Days of Summer, Techniques mixtes, 54cm x 54cm

River Valley, Techniques mixtes, 30cm x 30cm

Pine on a Ridge, Techniques mixtes, 76cm x 76cm

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