Marie-Pierre Drolet (Muraï Céramique)


Address: 560 chemin de la Montagne, Wakefield, Qc.
Telephone: (819) 598-3161
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Marie-Pierre Drolet is a ceramist since 2002 and a visual artist since her childhood. Native of the countryside, in Outaouais, province of Quebec, she grew up within a family in which arts were a part of the daily life. She learned ceramic from her father, who was himself a potter from 1975 to 1991, and continued her exploration during her studies in visual arts, and in an autodidact way.She’s mostly inspired by the power and beauty of nature, inexhaustible source of mystical experiences. The authenticity of this life in nature can be also found in the direct contact with the material, their transformation, and the magical alchemy of seeing them become usual objects.


Assiettes, semi-porcelaine et glaçures, 11po diamètre

Ensemble de vaisselle Semi-porcelaine et glaçures, grandeurs variées

IMG_7986 (1024x494)

Gobelets, Semi-porcelaine et glaçures, 10cm x 15cm

Bols a thé, semi-porcelaine et glaçures


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