Marie-France Nitski


Painting, Acrylic
Address: 15 chemin Arthur, Chelsea, QC
Telephone: (819) 827-0774
Email address:

My interests and inspiration come from children’s art, outsider art, primitive art, mythology and prehistoric art. I have always been attracted by the spontaneity, the freshness, the innocence, the pictorial and sculptural simplicity.

I usually create without preconceived ideas, working with my instinct and materials in a spontaneous way; using pure, bright, primary colours; no constraint of forms or proportion. Any mark on the surface (paper, wood, metal, canvas….) could become a personage, an animal or a plant which, when all mixed up may become a fantastic wild, joyful painting.

Painting is the way I express my feelings and my discoveries of the myths and the day to day world around me.



Bestaire I – acrylique on paper mounted on wood / acrylique sur papier monte sur bois


Bestaire II   –  enamel on metal / peinture metallique sur metal

Bestiaire III (2)

Bestaire III – dry pastel on paper  mounted on wood panel /pastel seche montee sur panneau de bois


Bestaire V  – mixed media on canvas / techniques mixtes sur toile


La Tarentella, détail -acrylic on canvas/ acrylique sur toile

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