Margit Hideg


Address: 96 chemin Kingsmere, Chelsea, QC
Postal Address: 43 Rue du Centenaire, Cantley,  QC
Telephone: (819) 827-8720
Email address:
Websites: paintings
projects :

I create art that explores Human-Nature relationships by using different media. Exploring new techniques help me consider new ways of perceiving and responding to the materials
I use and as a result, inspires me to discover different levels of understanding the medium. Working with branches is special because it is something that was shaped by natural forces.
They provide links to the ancient rhythms of the Earth and help us remember who we are and why we are here.

From shapes to space, Installation indoors, 85 cm x 180cm x 9cm


From shapes to space, Installation outdoors, 85 cm x 180cm x 9cm

From shapes to space, Mixed media, 80cm x 62cm x 10cm


Journey Series 701, Mixed media, 76.2cm x 76,2cm



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