Lynne Bedbrook

I took notice of Lynne Bedbrook’s words when she describes her paintings: “I feel these paintings are invitations into a vast and ancient reservoir of memory. Communication opportunities develop, unlocking a kind of natural discernment that emerges through this animal lens. These pathways of inherent cellular memory call forth ancient stirrings of remembrance, awakening a recollection of almost forgotten strengths and powers.

The portals of the animals invite new beginnings, journeys and openings into avenues of realization and knowledge for me. By sharing with the other species on this earth and by focussing on their movement and intent, my respect and appreciation for our similarities grow.”

That’s what I love about Lynne’s paintings – I feel the strength and power she refers to. I also feel the connection to the animal world that she speaks of.  I begin to understand it more and I see her paintings in a new light. I love the way Lynne see the animals as strong, but also vulnerable, like us.

Her landscape paintings are beautiful and realistic. They make us aware of how beautiful and powerful nature is.