Lynne Bedbrook

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Address: 432 Chemin de la Riviere, Wakefield, QC
Telephone: (819) 459-2574
Email address:

I intend that my art conveys the sacredness of every child of the universe: the stone people, the plant beings and the animal children.
I love that moment captured in the intent, in my oil and in textiles works which I have been doing since the 80’s.

All my work celebrates the Sacred Laws.
“Everywhere is Sacred Ground.
Let nothing be done to harm the children.”






aspen-1-40x50cm.oil- (2) (1024x819)

Aspen, Oil Painting, 40cm x 50cm

Bear 40x 50 (2)

Bear, Oil Painting, 40cm x 50cm

bull-45cmx60 (2) (767x1024)

Bull, Oil painting, 45cm x 60cm

verdure look 40x50cm (2) (827x1024)

Verdure Look, Oil Painting, 40cm x 50cm

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