Janice Moorhead

The first word that came to mind when I first saw Janice’s glass art was “cool”. Janice’s art is free spirited and light, but it also has depth.  I’ve always been intrigued by glass art and Janice’s work is quite fascinating.  Its like she rebuilds the life around her to suggest another way to see.

01_Janice_Moorhead_layered-glass_Autumn_8X10.jpg jm

In Janice’s own words: “I think of myself as a painter whose medium is glass. It is a beautiful material, always changing with the light, with the time of day or year. In 1979 I received an honours degree in visual arts from the University of Ottawa. While my studies were mostly in the realm of painting and print making, it was quite soon after graduation that I discovered glass. Because of its luminosity and perfect surface quality it soon replaced paint as my medium of choice.”

Gatineau_Hills.jpg jm               ClearBlueSky.jpg jm


I suggest that you see Janice’s work in person.  I’m sure you’ll find it compelling.