Janice Moorhead

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Address: 620 chemin des Érables, Rupert, Qc. J0X 1A0
Telephone: (819) 459-2079
Email address: janysemail5@gmail.com
Website: http://janice274.wix.com/janglasspaint

While I began as a painter,( having received an honours degree in visual arts from the University of Ottawa in 1979) my discovery of glass in 1985 has led to an over 30 year career as a glass artist. At that time I developed a layering technique (stained glass sandwiched between 2 panels of clear glass) and because of this procedure my glass art has always had more of a connection to painting rather than traditional stained glass. The soldered joint being no longer necessary, allowed for the placement of glass shards right next to each other, color against color. This sandwiching process also permitted the addition of other materials such as wire, or plastic N scale railroad figures. In summary, I always thought of my glass work as paintings or mixed media. I just happened to use glass instead of paint.

Now, thirty two years later, while not entirely stopping the glass work, I have returned to my roots as a painter. The many years of “painting-inspired” glass images have now become the stepping stone for my current series of acrylics on canvas.

A reoccurring theme is that of the interaction of the human being and the environment. Whether it is within a natural or urban setting, the human is always small in relation to the space. While it is evident that nature prevails, and the city is quite over-whelming, my work also shows our strength, our resilience, and most of all, our humor. There are always two dynamics at play, both whimsy and its more disturbing counter-part, allowing the viewer to create his or her own narrative.

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st Wild Flowers two 1024 (2)

Wild Flowers, layered stained glass, wire, 20cm X 67cm

st crow two (2)

Crow, layered stained glass, painted tinfoil,15cn X 85cm

st Cardinal one (2)

Cardinal, layered stained glass, painted tinfoil, 9cm X 69cm

stWalking the Dog (2)

Walking the Dog, layered stained glass, 18cm X 42cm

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