Donna Troop

Donna Troop creates a range of wearables from wraps, scarves, vests, jackets, tunics and ponchos to hats and bags.  All are in lovely colours that blend richly to create very attractive designs.

Donna expresses it this way:  “The process of felt-making is a true passion of mine! After spending a number of years exploring different mediums including weaving and watercolours, I was introduced to wool and felting and fell in love with this ancient craft. Since then, I have explored and experimented with different techniques and from that emerged my current interest in creating clothing using wool and silk.”

download.jpg dt

Donna‘s work is absolutely beautiful and delicate.  Her stained glass collection is my favourite because the colours are so pure and vibrant.  The colours really pop.  I love how she keeps it simple, but is able to create beautiful and unique designs.4-waywest.jpg dt