Denis H. Gauthier

Denis Gauthier (2) (800x531)


Address: 1445 chemin de la Montagne, Gatineau (Aylmer), QC
Telephone: (819) 639-5230
Email address:



When Denis H. Gauthier examines a piece of wood to create natural art, he steps, literally, into another world. The Gatineau wood turner is always searching for that special look and feel which the Gatineau hills have held secret for millions of years.

The peace and isolation of his workshop in Aylmer, QC gives him the opportunity and tranquility to invest long hours creating one-of-a-kind works of art. He specializes in maple, birch, oak, ash and cherry to produce not only stunning wooden bowls, but unique sculptures, from burls, roots and special treasures that only the quirkiness of nature can create. Each project has its own challenges but, with his touch, he reveals the masterpiece hidden within.

Denis works only with hand-picked wood, carefully harvested because it has been shaped by disease, storms, or long life. He allows each piece to rest until the precise moment at which it can unlock its hidden secret, an art he has learned through experience with wood during all its phases.

“I do not decide what to do with the wood in my lathe; it tells me what it will be, by its grain, nuances, colours, feel and weight.”

Come see Denis’s work, feel it, and decide for yourself.

Footed deerbowl 001 (2) (800x600)

Footed Deerbowl, Ash and box elder bowl floating on antler, 13cm x 42cm

spalted maple bowl floating on a piece of drift wood (800x600)

Bowl floating on a piece of drift wood, Spalted maple and drift wood, 15,2cm x 40,6cm

spalted apple wood bowl (800x600)

Wood Bowl, Spalted apple, 7,6cm x 33cm

2011_04192011housesBird0013 (2) (800x600)

Birdhouse, Ash, maple and mahogany

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