Lynne Bedbrook

I took notice of Lynne Bedbrook’s words when she describes her paintings: “I feel these paintings are invitations into a vast and ancient reservoir of memory. Communication opportunities develop, unlocking a kind of natural discernment that emerges through this animal lens. These pathways of inherent cellular memory call forth ancient stirrings of remembrance, awakening a recollection of almost forgotten strengths and powers.

The portals of the animals invite new beginnings, journeys and openings into avenues of realization and knowledge for me. By sharing with the other species on this earth and by focussing on their movement and intent, my respect and appreciation for our similarities grow.”

That’s what I love about Lynne’s paintings – I feel the strength and power she refers to. I also feel the connection to the animal world that she speaks of.  I begin to understand it more and I see her paintings in a new light. I love the way Lynne see the animals as strong, but also vulnerable, like us.

Her landscape paintings are beautiful and realistic. They make us aware of how beautiful and powerful nature is.

Susan Glazer

Susan Glazer loves making one-of-a-kind things with her hands. She became a silversmith for jewellery after she inherited boxes of the most amazing semi-precious gemstones. Recently, she discovered precious metal clay….a new medium. New designs, new tools, new adventure. Check out her unique creations!
FB Susan Glazer/Art Jewellery

Tracy Carefoot

Tracy is a unique artist with a lot of imagination and creativity. I first saw her work last year when La Fab, a Chelsea art gallery, held a solo exhibit of her human-scale, sewn and painted wildflowers. I thought they were beautiful. Now that I have had a chance to meet Tracy and discuss her artwork, I think they are magical.

Tracy works hard to make her sculptures as botanically accurate as possible. Before beginning a new piece she dissects and studies the wildflowers, getting to know the blooms intimately. Each flower sculpture takes around 3 months to make. Tracy is passionate and patient. In addition to her sculpture, this year she is also exploring a new series of pastel drawings, surreal images of the Gatineau set on black backgrounds. Both series draw attention to the beauty and mystery of our natural surroundings.

Welcome to our 27th Artists in Their Environment Studio Tour. Seventeen talented artists will be showcasing their work this year, including two new participants. As always, we offer a wonderful variety of artists and artisans working in a wide range of disciplines.

This year, in partnership with the Ta Da! Performing Arts Festival and Galerie La Fab, Tour members will be exhibiting work at multiple locations. Galerie La Fab will host us in a group show in Chelsea from September 9 to October 4; vernissage on September 17 from 5:00 – 7:00. Our work will also be on display at the Wakefield Community Centre during the Ta Da! Festival from October 1 – 4, with a vernissage on October 1  (please check our website for times). Why not enjoy an culturally rich day of visiting studios followed by an evening of fine theatre at the Ta Da! Festival during our second weekend?

Be sure to take note of and support our sponsors. Their continued generosity contributes greatly to the production of this brochure and the success of the Tour.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studios in one of the best juried Tours in the country during two glorious autumn weekends in the Gatineau Hills.

Glen Foster

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