Kate Douglas

“Even after decades of potting I find it a giddy pleasure. Magic can happen, pieces come out not quite like planned, often with wonderful quirks and sometimes with misshapen disappointments. I am sure that the joys and frustrations I find in working with clay have been felt by humans throughout history, which makes me feel lucky to have such a rich and timeless livelihood.”

image1-3~3 [393219].jpg kd

Kate’s pottery is simple with elegant lines.  I like the simplicity of her creations and she always adds a drawing to give it a personality.  With Kate’s pottery I really like the combination of simplicity and creativity because they appear to be delicate and yet solid at the same time.  She has also recently begun a series of whimsical clay sculptures depicting delightful little characters.   Be sure to visit Kate on your studio visit!

image1-3~2 [393220].jpg kd

Dawn Dale

“These intuitive portraits of the elementals/alfars populate her imagination and natural surroundings. They occupy the lighter side of her environmental concerns as she continues in the historical precedent of bonding the world of humans to the realm of Nature through anthropomorphized creations.  She is preoccupied with the sense of hearing, of listening, of realizing the state of the Earth.”

dawn-dale-elemental-clayworks-4.jpg dd

Dawn’s clay artwork seem to have come out of the earth, as if they were created much like the trees and the rocks.  It’s like nature taking on a life of its own and they bring out a lighter/brighter side of nature. They are quirky and fun  and I like how they always smile.

FullSizeRender-5.jpg dd


Diane Lemire

When looking at Diane Lemire’s works in felt, with their strong textural quality, one cannot resist making a link to her period as a sculptor.   Diane has devoted her practice to the material of felt since 2007.   In this transition from hard to soft materials, her interest in the found object has remained a constant.”

DSC_0251_2.jpeg dl

Her wearable art is quite stunning and she incorporates elements into the designs making her scarves, shawls and jackets the type of one-of-a-kind that will have friends asking about it.  Diane does classy, funky or fun – your choice but all are exquisite pieces of art.


Diane also does mixed media, incorporating various media including textile..  Her artworks almost always tell a story and are humorous and light.   You have to see Diane’s pieces in person to really appreciate the fine craftsmanship that goes into each one.

0926-daytrip.jpeg dl

John Pagani

“He is drawn to trinkets that have a life of their own and a patina that has a story to tell. He chooses to create work that intrigues, that offers the unexpected through the combination of collage and painting. He attempts to blur reality and fiction thus letting the viewer into the unconventional work.”

photo-1024x764.jpg jp

John Pagani’s artwork is fascinating and will make you think about what story he has to tell through each art work.  I love an art piece that is complex and intriguing. They always make me stop and question what the artist is expressing.  It makes you wonder how he arrived at the ideas within each piece.   Is he being controversial? Realistically portraying society? Appealing to our understanding?  Fascinating.

image-1024x764.jpeg jp


Elizabeth Rutledge

“My paintings start with a moment, an experience, a play of light on the landscape -ingredients of line, colour, light, texture that suggest something infinite.”

02    154416_554441977924927_121255354_n.jpg er

Elizabeth’s art reflects each seasons very well. Her winter collection is very sunny and warm, but I can still sense that it’s winter. Which I like about the collection because it reminds us that winter isn’t always dark and gloomy. It’s also calm, warm and sunny. We also see the good side of autumn and spring. It reminds me how beautiful each season can be. I appreciate them more. I love how her paintings are positive.


Donna Troop

Donna Troop creates a range of wearables from wraps, scarves, vests, jackets, tunics and ponchos to hats and bags.  All are in lovely colours that blend richly to create very attractive designs.

Donna expresses it this way:  “The process of felt-making is a true passion of mine! After spending a number of years exploring different mediums including weaving and watercolours, I was introduced to wool and felting and fell in love with this ancient craft. Since then, I have explored and experimented with different techniques and from that emerged my current interest in creating clothing using wool and silk.”

download.jpg dt

Donna‘s work is absolutely beautiful and delicate.  Her stained glass collection is my favourite because the colours are so pure and vibrant.  The colours really pop.  I love how she keeps it simple, but is able to create beautiful and unique designs.4-waywest.jpg dt

Janice Moorhead

The first word that came to mind when I first saw Janice’s glass art was “cool”. Janice’s art is free spirited and light, but it also has depth.  I’ve always been intrigued by glass art and Janice’s work is quite fascinating.  Its like she rebuilds the life around her to suggest another way to see.

01_Janice_Moorhead_layered-glass_Autumn_8X10.jpg jm

In Janice’s own words: “I think of myself as a painter whose medium is glass. It is a beautiful material, always changing with the light, with the time of day or year. In 1979 I received an honours degree in visual arts from the University of Ottawa. While my studies were mostly in the realm of painting and print making, it was quite soon after graduation that I discovered glass. Because of its luminosity and perfect surface quality it soon replaced paint as my medium of choice.”

Gatineau_Hills.jpg jm               ClearBlueSky.jpg jm


I suggest that you see Janice’s work in person.  I’m sure you’ll find it compelling.

Marilyn Smith

“My art is a reflection of who I am and how I got here.  As a child, my summers were spent with my many siblings at a secluded cabin on a lake with no electricity, running water or phone.  This was a formative experience.  My art process shows that I am a resilient problem-solver and a playful risk-taker, not uncomfortable with the unexpected.”


Marilyn’s art is very beautiful.  I love her abstracts paintings.  They remind me a little bit of the freedom in street art.  It’s very free-spirited and joyful.  It looks like she’s having a lot of fun creating them.  They are original. I love that they are so colourful and bright. They are powerful in the sense that they speak to me.

Glen Foster

Glen Foster’s hand-crafted furniture is not only elegant but is eye-catching in its quiet beauty. His work has an extraordinary finesse and demonstrates how delicate and beautiful wood can be. A Glen Foster piece will bring a designer quality to your home.


Glen brings the same sustained focus to his photography. His photographs are powerfully simple and stop you in your tracks. They seem to tell a compelling story but one needs to look at them closely to decipher that story. It’s hard to explain how his images do it, but they seem to inspire and empower.


“His influences range from simple Shaker designs, the classic forms of Sheraton and the Federal style, as well as Arts and Crafts designers and furniture makers such as Charles Rennie MacIntosh and William Morris. More recent influences are found in the work of George Nakashima with the use of live-edge forms, and James Krenov, with his separation of lower and upper elements, as well as his strict attention to the selection of woods for the specific project at hand.”

Marjolijn Thie

Marjolijn’s paintings are very beautiful. She has a good sense of design and composition and her paintings are a compelling balance of gradated colour. They remind me a lot of the spring and the fall, which are my favourite seasons. Because she uses bright colours, her paintings seem to spread joy. Some of them are calm and peaceful while others are fun, interesting and exciting. Its well worth dropping by to see them in person. They’ll make you smile and feel like you’ve come home.


“My work is cyclical. I paint in different styles. What fascinates me is the layering of reality. We are not able to just register what we see- to see things as they are. We colour them with our associations and interpretations. We store part of the total, that what touches us. My work is about these realities. I am interested in what remains after observation.”

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