Anne Swiderski

Anne Swiderski


Acrylic and Mixed Media
Address:  11 chemin Keewatin, Chelsea, QC
Telephone: 819 827 8504
Email address:

Anne took to drawing and painting in early childhood.  Living in Northern Ontario contributed significantly to her deep connection to nature and her desire to express its natural perfection and timelessness.  Fiercely independent, her artistic journey has been a balance between formal and self-directed training, and she has explored a variety of artistic mediums, including oil, acrylic, mixed media, collage and wood sculpture.

As an accomplished wilderness paddler, Anne travels to Canada’s wild places to paint plein-air – some of her favourite places are Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, Lake Superior, the Rockies, the Outaouais region, Algonquin Park and Maine.  Her use of strong colour has been shaped by a lengthy stay in the south of France to observe and study the sun’s influence on colour.  Anne’s art is known for bold and vibrant colours, strong shapes and powerful compositions.

Anne has exhibited in Canada and the United States and has won several awards.


Les trois soeurs 4/Three Sisters 4, acrylic, 30X30

Les hauts plateaux 2/The Highlands 2

Une riviere de couleurs 2 72 dpi

Une rivière de couleurs: A River of Colour, acrylic, 30X40

Les hauts plateaux 1/The Highlands 1, acrylic, 24×30

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